Netflix公司公司’s 女王‘s 甘比特 跟随国际象棋神童伊丽莎白的考验和磨难“Beth”Harmon(Anya Taylor-Joy),一个孤儿,她对胜利的热爱仅与她能改变情绪的镇定剂,豪饮和无拘无束的性爱相匹配。

的 story of 贝丝 and her rise, fall, and rise again to greatness is a classic hero’具有现代气息和复古外观的旅程。这个故事中没有明显的对手,但这仍然是关于克服令人眼花story乱的布景设计和杀手looks的障碍的强有力的成年故事。

贝丝’s early life is filled with all the tragic backstory markers: unstable family life, parental death, and years spent neglected in the system. But frequent chess games with the janitor and a childhood drug addiction help 贝丝 grow into a very unique individual. In her teens, she’s adopted as companion for Mrs. Alma Wheatley, a housewife whose own considerable talents are pushed aside to appease the ambitions of others. Recognizing 贝丝’阿尔玛(Alma)具有国际象棋天赋(及其现金奖励),因此在旅途中参加了表演,使女孩可以专业地进行比赛。

女王‘s 甘比特 manages to side-step all of the tropes we have come to expect from stories featuring orphans and child prodigies, the kind usually found in the pages of VC Andrews books, grammar school novels, or kiddie flicks aimed at little girls. 贝丝 isn’t a cliche. She doesn’t use showy words to prove her worth nor does she own a dog named Sandy. She is smart enough to understand her situation and to know when to suffer in silence.

泰勒·乔伊(Taylor-Joy)(我们上次在电影中见过的人 艾玛 重新启动)是一个大眼睛的美女,从长高的十几岁成长为白痴的晕眩者,这是一个奇迹。她抓住了观众’s eye and holds it captive for hours. In addition to her own formidable talents, Taylor-Joy is supported by a hell of a cast, including Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Harry Melling, Moses Ingram, and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd. Each help 贝丝 in their own way, through friendship, love, and support —她后来需要用来击败恶魔的所有工具。

女王‘s 甘比特 显然不是便宜的产品。每个场景都令人赏心悦目,是色彩和图案,时尚和风景的盛宴。那里’在这里不会出现头发不整齐或不愉快的格子样式的情况。孤儿院中的每个客厅,每个酒店大堂,每个悲伤的单人床都为您提供了周到的细节,使故事和观众更加生动’的经验,为Netflix提供其中之一’迄今为止最著名的同伴。

的 tale of 贝丝 Harmon is one of self destruction and also self-preservation, exploring how the people in our lives can sometimes hold us back, but also lead us onto paths that move us forward and keep us from driving off a bridge. While 贝丝 is a victim of circumstance, plagued by inner turmoil and a constant flow of adults and men who don’不能理解她的价值,这不是一个祸患。它’讲述了救赎,克服困难的故事,最后是英雄’穿越棋盘的旅程。